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Confessions of a Suffolk Photographer – Wedding Flowers


Wendy B Floral Designs started business in 2011 and is based in beautiful town of Lavenham.  “There is nothing lovelier than being asked to arrange beautiful flowers and foliage and choosing a gorgeous container or vase for them to sit in.”

Top Ten Tips – Flowers

Booking your Florist

1.We recommend that you book your florist at least six months or even possibly a year before your wedding day.  Popular weekend wedding dates from July through to the beginning of September tend to get booked up quickly.

Choosing the right flower

2.  Flower choices can vary according to the theme of the wedding.  Still popular are roses and hydrangea, but gypsophila was making a comeback.  I love the vintage 50’s look, but also the stunning classic design of gorgeous roses with flowing foliage.


3.  I would recommend Wedding Flowers and Accessories magazine for inspiration. They showcase real weddings, but also that some arrangements have been produced for photoshoot purposes and might contain more flowers than would be necessary.  Speak to your florist, as they should be able to recommend suitable flowers for your day, depending on the time of year and how long they have to last.  Go for quality rather than quantity.



4.  The month you get married can have an impact on pricing.  Flowers can double or even treble in price on Back holidays, Mother’s day in the UK and US and Religious Festivals.


5.  Flowers are graded for quality and wedding florists will normally purchase a higher grade so they are perfect for your day. However, if you are buying flowers for home use from a super market or indeed a florist shop, check to see if they still look bright and smell fresh. A rose, for example, should not be too open and feel firm to touch.

Foliage and Berries

6.  Using a mix of flowers can add more interest and including berries and scented foliage will add texture and interest creating a real impact.

Flowers in season

7.  Certain flowers are available all year round, but if you are getting married in August and love daffodils and tulips, unfortunately they will not be available.  Peonies have quite a short season, and can be extra expensive to purchase at the beginning and end of this time. Hydrangea’s are beautiful, big and blousy. The perception is you will get to fill a space but the bigger the flower head, the more you will have to pay.

Having a consultation with your florist before you make final decisions on flower choices will avoid disappointment.



Add some fragrance

8.  Fragrance can add to the atmosphere and enhance the bouquet, this can be created by adding scented foliage, and herbs, as well as scented flowers.  Again speak

with your florist to see if your choices will create this.

On a budget

9.  If you are on a budget, be up front with your florist and they can suggest flowers that are just as gorgeous but not so pricey.  Growing your own flowers, using pot plants for table centres, and providing your own vases/containers for your florist to fill, are all budget saving ideas.

Church flowers

10.  Getting married in a church?  A florist will provide this service, but it is sometimes worth asking if the church has a group of flower arrangers who can provide them for your day. Do not worry if there are a few weddings on the same day then they can usually produce beautiful arrangements that will fit the bill.  Speak to your florist about your requirements in the church and they can advise you accordingly.  It might be that some flowers could be used at the reception.

3 Quick Questions

1 Favourite flower Fragrant roses anWenday floristd tulips – cannot divide the two!

2 Favourite wedding venue in Suffolk / Essex – Personal choice dictates the wedding venue for the bride and groom – I just love adding the flowers and foliage

3 Your personal favourite bouquets and flower arrangements :”Even the Daises smile”

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