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Confessions of a Suffolk Photographer – Defining your wedding photography style

Wedding photography styles that work best often can’t be defined as one genre but a combination of traditional, documentary and artistic.   When looking through wedding pictures ask yourself why you might prefer one style of photography to another?  Does the image tell a story, does it capture the moment, what will you do with your pictures after the wedding?  Do you want portraits to hang on walls and print on postcards, together with a chronicle of all major events of the day plus a few more formal group poses?

You only need to figure out what memories you want to keep and how you want them captured, and make sure you communicate your desires to anyone you consider hiring.

If you are unsure of the style of photography you would like for your wedding, take a look at the images below for some inspiration and ideas.

Ten Top Tips – Defining your own wedding photography style

Blokeh background

Using bokeh or blurry background in your wedding photography can create some stunning pictures.  It’s great for using in portraits and focuses the eye on the couple giving them a beautiful water coloured background.




It’s important to include the venue and the surroundings where you are getting married.  Taking a step back and getting as much detail as possible.  Every time we look at this photograph we spot something new.


Cropped Images

Taking a close group shot can really bring out the personalities in people, this image of the bridesmaids really defines their personalities and you can almost guess what their thinking!



Filling the frame with a portrait shot can work really well when capturing someones emotions.  You can’t help but feel the brides overwhelmed but happy tears as she listens to the speeches.


Group shots

Most couples prefer a more journalistic style of photography but group shots still have their place and we’ve had some fun with this one using PhotoShop.  These are separate images that have been carefully stitched together to create one long shot.


Candid shot

Spontaneous moments are great, when all eyes (or rather cameras) are on the wedding couple and they have forgotten all about the photographers.  We love this group photograph, it really captures that moment of everyone wanting to get the perfect shot.



The positioning of this image really tells a story, the bride and groom are having a private moment together as if no one was in the room, while all their guests are enjoying the wedding breakfast behind them.  We think this image really shows the love they have for one another.


Still Life

At the end of your wedding, the food will be eaten, the flowers dried or pressed and the accessories put away, it’s really important to capture all these things before it’s too late.  We have added interest to this picture, the beautiful and delicious plate of brownies and strawberries was just waiting for a great photo but made even better with the little boy in the background waiting for his opportunity to grab a slice of cake!

Snap shot

Never underestimate the snap shot, I just happened to walk past these lovely ladies and catch them together having a gossip.  We love their coordinated outfits and facial expressions.



Sometimes it’s important for the photographer to step back and wait for things to happen naturally.  In this picture everyone is so relaxed and have no idea they are being photographed.  It really brings out the happiness and joy felt by the wedding couple and guests.  We love a great confetti shot.


If you would like to find out more about photography styles we would love to hear from you, please contact us nicky@ransonandwest.co.uk

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