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Confessions of a Suffolk Photographer – Selecting your head-shot

How to Select your head-shot

You’ve taken the advice and booked your photo head-shot session for your LinkedIn profile and website ‘meet the team’ page.  You’ve received a selection of head-shot images to choose from.  So how do you go about choosing the right one?  We have put together 10 top tips to help you select the best head-shot.


  1. The attractive image
    Try to resist graduating towards the image that you think is the most attractive.  Consider other important areas such as trust, confidence and approachability.

  1. Images that stand out from the crowd
    Choose the images that jump out at you first and then discard the rest.  It’s so easy to get distracted and chop and change your mind.  Some photo-shoots may give you 30 or more pictures to choose from and being too indecisive at this stage may take up valuable time.

  1. Composition and posture
    Look at the different crops, compositions and posture.  Choose the pictures that have a good posture, as this can help to communicate confidence.  You may have head-shots with different angels from the left side, right side and front.  Select the ones where you look most comfortable and at ease.

  1. Eye contact
    Observe the eyes, are they engaging and do they capture the viewers’ attention? It’s really important that the eyes are pin sharp.

  2. Technicalities
    Make sure the pictures are technically right, in particular the focus, especially around the eyes as we mentioned and study the skin colour, is it a true representation?

  1. Representation
    How are you represented in your picture? It’s important to communicate Approachable, Confidence and Trust.  It’s imperative to make a good first impression as you may not get another opportunity.

  1. Brand and Ethos
    Does your chosen image compliment your companies brand and ethos?  Look at the colours you’ve chosen and make sure the background doesn’t distract the main image YOU!

  1. Second opinion
    When you have selected the last two or three images, get opinions from others you trust. Ask them to give you honest feedback.

  1. That extra special something
    If you’re still undecided, search for that extra special something you can’t put your finger on.  One of the pictures may display an extra twinkle in the eye or a warm welcoming smile.  Check for subtle facial expressions that can really make a difference.

  1. Gut Instinct
    If you’ve got down to your final two images, follow your gut instinct.  If you’ve approached your selection using these 10 top tips you’ll be onto a winning formula!


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