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Confessions of a Suffolk Photographer – Wedding photography lighting

One way of setting the mood for your wedding can be achieved through your choice of lighting.  From twinkling string lights and candles to beautiful soft glow table lamps, the right lighting  carries out your wedding style and creates a wonderful ambiance. Illumination is everything when it comes to photographing the perfect image and the options are endless when it comes to perfecting and customizing that special picture quality.  To gain a better understanding of how photographers use different types of lighting for particular situations take a look at how we have created the images below using the different light sources we had available.


Ten top tips – Wedding Photography lighting

  1. Side lighting
    As you might expect Side Lighting is when the lighting is coming from the side. This usually provides a great deal of contrast, can create long depth to the image and is great when shooting still life and food.


  1. Back lighting
    Back lighting is when light is behind your subject and is directed at you and your camera. This type of lighting creates silhouettes combined with certain atmospheric conditions and can give a dramatic lighting effect.



  1. Ambient light
    Ambient light is the light source we get all around us.  In a room, this could be artificial lights on the walls and ceilings and light coming through the window.  As a result, the lighting is not directed on the subject so the brightness is often lower than with other types of lighting.   This can add a beautiful atmospheric quality to your image.


  1. Soft natural light
    Soft light is diffused and provides an even light. This type of lighting reduces contrast and minimises shadows. Soft light is excellent for portraits and natural photography.


  1. Spot lighting
    Spot Light is when a focused amount of light highlights a particular section of your subject or scene.  This type of lighting can create strong shadows and contrast. Spot light can add dramatic impact to all genres of photography.


  1. Lighting through Photoshop
    How you Light an image can make or break a picture.  If you have a great shot that needs a little enhancing Photoshop is a fantastic tool to add that extra special something.  We’ve added this dramatic sky to what was a dull overcast day.


  1. Candle light
    Candle light is another great source to use when creating atmosphere and a touch of romance.


  1. Outdoor night lights
    Night lights can add drama to your picture and really highlight the beauty of your surroundings


  1. Disco lights
    Disco lights can give great visual effects and add a fun and colourful atmosphere.


  1. Black and White
    Sometimes you can capture a great moment but the lighting doesn’t do the image justice. You can resolve this by transforming your picture to black and white.  This can add lovely texture and tones throughout the picture.


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