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Confessions of a Suffolk Photographer – Wedding Photography


Hello and welcome to our first blog!

We are thrilled to be sharing with you lots of exciting information to help you organize your wedding day.  We are very fortunate to have worked with some fantastic and talented wedding suppliers including florists, caterers, venues, makeup artists to name but a few.  Every couple of weeks we will be collaborating with one of our suppliers to give informative and useful tips and help your journey of organizing your wedding day a smoother and more enjoyable one.

All our wedding suppliers contact details will appear on our network page. Thank you for visiting, we are really looking forward to hearing from you and would love to know your thoughts on our blog.


Top Ten Tips – Photography

Booking your photographer

1.  We recommend that you book your photography at least 12 months before your wedding day. However, for a last minute booking, it’s always worth calling us especially for a week day wedding.

Style of photography

2.  The most popular style of photography for us at the moment is photojournalistic complemented with a selection of formal pictures of your closest family and friend members. We love to create a story of images that reflects your special day.

Photography inspiration

3   Magazines, Pinterest and social media are great for inspiration. If there are certain pictures you particularly like, check they are from an actual wedding rather than a photo shoot. The fashion style wedding shots use studio lighting, a huge production team and can take hours to achieve.  It’s great to get creative but be mindful about what can be realistically achieved.


Pre wedding shoot

4  Having a pre wedding shoot is highly recommended and is complementary in all our packages. We suggest having your shoot 3 to 6 months before your wedding. We love to shoot around Edwardstone woods, as the lighting there is beautiful.  If you have a preferred location, that is special to you and your partner let us know and we can arrange this for you.


5  Having the right lighting can make or break a photograph. We can’t predict the weather which can be a challenge at times. If you would like a winter wedding, consider booking your ceremony early, as it can get dark around 3:30pm.  In the Summer avoid group shots in the mid-day sun.  During the rainier seasons, check if the venue has some attractive shelter outside.

Background scenery

6  Everyone will look gorgeous on your wedding day but it’s also important to have an attractive background. Check that your venue isn’t having essential work carried out to avoid scaffolding or diggers in the background. For venues that don’t have much garden, find out if there is a local park or interesting space and buildings close by to get some fun and exciting images.

Wedding timings

7  Timing is very important and there’s a lot to fit in on a wedding day. Each formal shot can take between 5 and 10 minutes to organize.  Make sure there is an usher on hand to gather the guests for the photograph.  Allocate a slot as part of your schedule and discuss with your photographer a realistic number of photographs so not to take over your whole day.


Everyone is a photographer

8  All guests love taking photos and the professional photographers shouldn’t stop them from taking pictures of your special day. However, there are some times when it’s less appropriate.  During the wedding service, guests should be focused on you and your partner and not looking through the screen of their phone.  Ask the person who is taking the service to make a polite announcement that photography shouldn’t be taken during the service.    Another time to consider is when you would like some more intimate photographs of the two of you.  It’s hard to relax while embracing each other with 50 lenses pointing at you!  Find a more private area of the venue, where you can draw breath, spend some special time together and enjoy having beautiful shots of you both.

The confetti shot

9  We love a confetti shot, however some venues don’t allow it. Make sure you ask permission in advance.  Many types of confetti are band but biodegradable or natural petals are more acceptable.

Hair and Makeup

10  It can get very emotional at times, tears, hugs and even the weather conditions can contribute to hair and make-up disasters. Have a small bag with emergency lipstick, powder, hair bush, clips and pins to recover any mishaps so the photography can proceed smoothly into the evening.

Our personal favourites wedding pictures:


Mi Boda 2 sep 2004











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